Target Your Concrete RH
Testing with the

Concrete Moisture Meter

What is a Concrete Moisture Meter?

Our C555 is very effective in assessing the dryness in the top ½ inch of smooth concrete slabs. It is an easy, quick, and useful first step that you can take when evaluating a concrete slab that will be receiving some type of flooring finish.

“Goodbye” to the days of confusion, waste, or extra work, and “hello” to the days of saving effort, time, and money. When you’re assessing your concrete, you want an easy and nondestructive tool that will set you up for success.

The C555 does exactly that.

Not only is it easy to use, but it’s the only concrete moisture meter in the market that allows for in-field calibration. This makes it easier to meet the calibration requirements of ASTM F2659.

It also has built-in temperature and relative humidity sensors!

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If You Use the Rapid RH® in situ Concrete RH Testing System, Think of the C555 as a Targeting Device

The Rapid RH® in situ concrete RH testing system from Wagner Meters provides you with the easiest, fastest, and most reliable method for concrete moisture testing. It's fully compliant with ASTM F2170 and has wireless Bluetooth® technology to keep track of all data from each sensor.

"How do you improve upon perfection?" you may ask.

Well, imagine a device that could tell you exactly where the most likely problem areas of your concrete are. These spots might have unusually high RH levels. With the C555, you don't have to just imagine it: the device actually exists.

Consider the C555 your handy partner in conjunction with the Rapid RH System. Put these two together, and you’ve got a dynamic duo that will help you gather essential data and help you make an informed decision about where to place your Rapid RH in situ sensors.

While this meter is not meant to be used by itself for a final quantitative analysis of concrete moisture conditions, it is meant to make your job and life easier. Who wouldn’t want that?

The C555 emits a signal into the material to measure moisture down to ½ inch below the surface. Sure, the C555 is a pretty good tool for wet/dry indications on its own. But, when used with the Rapid RH testing system, the C555 Concrete Moisture Meter becomes an effective targeting system that helps you place your L6 Smart Sensors in the areas where they will be most effective.

The C555 gives you quick data about what zones are low or high in moisture. It optimizes moisture targeting and helps you get the best readings from your in situ RH testing. Not only that, but its function as a non-destructive concrete moisture meter for preliminary evaluation means that the C555 is ASTM F2659 compliant.

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When to Use a C555 Concrete Moisture Meter

The C555 is useful on a multitude of occasions. When paired with the Rapid RH testing system by Wagner, the C555 is an excellent support to provide extra data and save time. In this case, the C555 should be used whenever you want to begin assessing a slab of concrete. This way, you can properly determine where to place your RH sensors. We truly believe that the C555 can best suit your needs when bundled with the Rapid RH system. Here are some other times when you should use a C555:
  • Use the C555 to find wet spots or potential problem areas in concrete.
  • Use a C555 after a moisture-related incident.
    • If a leak, high humidity levels, or recent flooding have you questioning whether that old slab is saturated at or near the surface, the C555 will tell you pretty quickly. Simply measure a section of concrete that wasn’t affected by the situation, then measure sections of the concrete slab, moving closer and closer to the suspect area to get a better map of the scope and intensity of the moisture intrusion into the concrete slab.
  • Use a C555 to qualitatively measure the moisture situation of other materials:
    • Brick
    • Cement
    • Gypsum
  • Use a C555 to monitor ambient temperature and relative humidity.

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Proper Use and Best Practices

Like any product, the C555 works best when it’s used properly. Use these quick tips and practices and make the C555 an essential part of your toolbox:

  • Use the C555 on flat surfaces to ensure that the entire sensor pad is in contact with the material you are scanning. This way, your readings can be as accurate as possible.
    • In doubt? Use some sandpaper to create smooth areas of the concrete and then scan there. The sensor is 2 inches by 2.5 inches, so a small area is all you need!
  • Keep in mind the C555 moisture range is 1% to 6.9% in the Standard Measurement mode.
  • Use the C555 in Relative Measurement mode to receive a comparative indication of moisture in materials other than concrete using a scale from 1 to 100.
  • Want to be warned when the measured material crosses a moisture threshold? Then use the C555’s built-in alarm. You can program the sound to alert at readings between 0.0% and 6.9%.
  • If you need a quick reading of ambient conditions, press the "MODE" button 4 times and the C555 screen will alternate between showing temperature and relative humidity every 3.5 second
  • Use the C555 to easily comply with ASTM F2659 calibration guidelines. The on-demand calibrator platform means that you can quickly calibrate your meter in-field.

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