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“This meter is far easier and faster to use than my old pin-type meter. I had some questions about measuring different wood species without resetting the SG value. Submitted a question on Wagner's website, and got great help the next business day. You definitely get your money's worth.”
“Wagner makes the best wood moisture meters. I have been using them for over 25 years as a pro, and the Orion 950 is the fourth one for me (all of them still going strong). The added features on the 950 are a real game changer. By having relative humidity, temperature, and EMC at my fingertips I am able to make quick decisions at job sites.”

The Orion® Series

Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter
  • Dual depth
  • EMC Calculations
  • Bluetooth® connectivity

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Billions are lost every year due to moisture-related damage to wood. You’ll save time and money by investing in a technologically advanced, easy-to-use Orion moisture meter. Plus, you'll enjoy peace of mind knowing that every one of your projects will turn out exactly the way you envision.

But how do you save money if the moisture meter you buy is expensive? Yes, think…”investment.”

You’re making a lasting, worthwhile investment for your business or woodshop. You can be confident that your Orion meter is built to last. No one else comes close to offering the 7-year warranty you get with every Orion meter. Plus, you get unparalleled accuracy along with Orion’s industry-exclusive On-Demand Calibrator—giving you 100 percent assurance that you’re getting accurate readings every time.

There’s a lot more to like about Orion meters...

For one, they utilize advanced pinless technology, which means they’re completely non-damaging to your wood.

Some people think pin meters are inherently more accurate, but that’s just not true. Studies have shown that non-damaging pinless meters are at least as accurate, if not more. And they’re much easier and faster to use. Inserting pins into hardwood is often frustrating, difficult, and tedious. And then you end up with unsightly pinholes in your hardwood floor or fine wood furniture. Not so with Orion meters!

Still wondering if an Orion meter is right for you?

Think about the risk you take by NOT using a highly accurate moisture meter like the Orion. Who wants a wood floor with warped boards? Or wood cabinets that don’t fit right because of moisture damage? No one!

That’s why a well-engineered moisture meter is an absolute must if you work with wood. It’s one investment you’ll never regret.

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