Wood Moisture Meters

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Commercial Moisture Meters

Since 1965, Wagner Meters has led the industry with fast, easy-to-use, and highly accurate wood moisture meters. With the introduction of the Orion® line of moisture meters for wood and other materials, Wagner Meters adds true in-the-field calibration. Another industry first that is exclusive only to the Orion line of moisture meters. Use the included On-Demand Calibrator to ensure that the Orion meter is always calibrated at any time.

Industrial Moisture Meters

Wagner Meters also offers meters for the high-volume industrial user. Each meter in the rugged L600 series can be used with your mill’s conveyor system and gives you the exact rugged instrumentation needed for harsh, industrial environments, Plus, every model is engineered so you can scan more wood faster and take deeper readings. Add the stack probe accessory (for the L622) to reach wood inside the stack where high moisture exists/lurks. With the L622, enjoy using Stat Pak for Windows®, the most powerful software in the industry for storing, recalling, and analyzing all your moisture data.